We create unique things for your design. Handmade wooden products in Kiev from Woods. We create wine tables, mirrors, emblems, laptop tables, etc.

“Very cool wine table for Woodzi.”

An excellent compact table, bought as a gift to the whole office with the image of the company logo. It is comfortable to work on it lying down or sitting on your knees. The legs do not loosen, quite light, easy to clean. Feet do not sweat, you can always set aside the entire desktop at once, including a mouse, cup, phone, etc. Looks elegant and presentable.
Anna Kosheva

Laptop table made of environmentally friendly natural material, beech or oak.

The wine table will decorate your romantic dinner and will always fit into any interior.

Emblems of football clubs made of natural wood (beech, oak) handmade.

For MacBook, iPhone, iPad

Table for the laptop Macbook, iPad, iPhone from ecologically pure natural material – a tree a beech or an oak. Size: 540x330x220 mm. There are both finished products and can be created to order. Each product is exclusively handmade. The table is equipped with reinforced hinges that do not sway. At the base of the tabletop there are ventilation holes for ventilation of the laptop (any image is made to order at your discretion).


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